Michael Jackson
In 1992 we started several Michael Jackson related projects, including an Internationale fanclub, a magazine
Inspired by Michael Jackson we also founded our own charity foundation that operates mostly in Africa and Rumania
In the past we have developed and maintained several wesites. After Michael Jackson the Dutch singer Robbert Long
We organise several Michael Jackson related events. We have done record fairs, fan meetings 

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Due to the Michael Jackson fanclub we have had a lot of experience organizing fan meetings, party's and other get togethers for fans.

The fanclub meeting was on a yearly base (around Michael's birthday). These meetings were big, attended by about a 1000 people and had a entertaining program that gave the fans performances by look-alikes and live artists, lottery's and quizes. The party's were whenever there was a special occasion (like a release party).

Now we are involved in the mjj-tribute-events website. Not only our events are mentioned on this website, but also from others who organise a Michael Jackson related event. This way the fans are informed about all activities. The mjj-tribute-events website organizes the memorial day (around June 25th) and the
MJ b-day party (around 28th of August).